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profile of an itde professional

Assignment Reflection


     For this assignment, I wanted to interview someone with their own instructional technology business. I chose to interview an individual that I met about a year ago through a project that I was involved in here at Nova Southeastern University (NSU). The IDT professional I interviewed was Magali Carussoti. I was excited about preparing this profile and I knew that the impact of this assignment would be tremendous. I knew that the preparation of this profile would be challenging but I was excited about completing the task. Once I decided on the person that I would interview, a list of questions was created based on the suggested list of questions for assignment three. Before the interview, I was able to see and experience one of the advantages of being an entrepreneur in this field. Magali was able to adjust her schedule within a short period of time to meet with me for an interview. The interview was recorded live using the zoom platform and the podcast was edited using Adobe Premiere Rush. Preparing this profile was challenging because the interview was approximately 30 to 45 minutes and I had to reduce the interview to ten minutes. I really had to examine the information that was collected in the interview to determine what to include in the ten-minute podcast. The editing process took a great deal of time because I wanted to ensure that I included the information that would summarize what was shared.


     I feel that my view on this subfield of instructional technology has basically remained the same. The interview has confirmed that with education and experience one can successfully build and manage a business in this field. I’ve had the opportunity to read about the experiences of consultants and entrepreneurs in this field, but it was great to have an opportunity to actually speak with someone that has built a successful small instructional design business. I was able to hear about some of the advantages and disadvantages of running a small ID business and she also shared with me her plan for expansion in the future. After the interview, I talked one-on-one with Magali and shared some of my career-related goals. She gave me feedback and advice based on her experiences and she also shared some useful resources to help me achieve my goals.

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